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‘Ubisoft entertainment’ is the full rights owner of hungry shark evolution game. Check out the walkthrough, playing strategies, and some tips and tricks in the below article. Learn and utilize these strategies in your game while you playing it online.

Hungry shark evolution is arcade style game developed by future games of London and published by Ubisoft entertainment. You can see amazing graphics of a marine world in the game.

Explore wonderful Deep Ocean, make your suppression in the whole deep blue sea, and be the killer machine like a shark in the game. Hungry shark evolution allows you to control various sharks in the game. Plays with other marine creature and explore them.

Hungry shark evolution released in October 2012.  According to techtimes The hungry shark evolution was the winner game the TIGA best game award in 2013.

We need to keep eating to stay alive in the game. Also we need to make a high score and earn gems and coins to complete the levels.

Hungry shark evolution overview

The main task in the game is to keep alive your shark in the game. You need to eat all living things, which comes in your path. Actually, there are no fix paths, the shark can swim anywhere in the deep ocean.

You need to find your meal in the ocean to stay alive. Explore the deeps of the sea in the game with suitable sharks. Because all sharks will not able to go in the deep ocean then, in this condition you need the sharks having the ability to dive into the deep ocean.

There are many missions available in the game, each shark has different missions that are based on the characteristics of the sharks.

You can eat various fishes, other creatures, and humans in the game. Developers of the game make its graphics realistic, which will give an ultimate experience.  But sometimes repetitive advertisements will irritate you during playing the game because after each 2 or 3 plays they will show us a compulsory one advertisement of other games. If you want to get rid of ads them you have two options either buy in-app no ads package or try our recently launched hungry shark evolution hack and cheats mod apk which can do the job for you.

Unlock bigger sharks and the mutant type of the sharks from the secret lab. Decorate your shark by buying the other stuff for your shark-like designer caps, powerful underwater lights, jetpacks, and bullet-proof jackets.

If you are ready to pay real money for buying currency in the game then, this option will also available in the game, you can buy gold or gems by paying real money.

Explanation of your gameplay screen

On the home screen, in the center of the screen first you can see the name of game and below it, you can see a continuous moving shark, exact below of the shark you can see play tab. All home screen is decorated with a beautiful deep scenario background.

hungry shark evolution screens

On the left side of your home screen has two options, one for Facebook login and one for game settings.

First, we will see which type of options available in the settings. You can synchronize your game with cloud and save it online. You can also see your stats in settings tab. their help tab is also available in this section if you want help regarding game, you can change your game controls and game language from there.

When you tap on the play button, you can see loading screen if you are a fast reader read the advice appears during loading is complete. It will help you in the game.

Now the game has started after loading, you can see one shark is falling from the sky in the sea.

When the shark is in the sea, rapidly go for the hunt and find other creatures, fishes and eat them.

You can see incredible graphics in the game during the game is on.

On the upper corner of the left side screen, you can see your points and time there. All your earned points and playing time. Your mission also appears on this side of the screen.

On the right upper corner of the screen, you can see pause button, total coins, total gems, health bar, and boost bar.

On the center bottom of the screen during playing game, you can see an empty bar with the coin image on its left end. Try to fill this bar as soon as possible because once you fill that bar you will get a gold rush chance for few seconds.

Hungry shark evolution playing strategy 

Remember guys this game has a very simple playing mechanics, you need to explore, kill, eat and just win only, and this is the basic mechanism of the game.

Your health in the game will get decrease simultaneously, therefore, keep eating.

Try to invest in most powerful sharks at the beginning of the game like the great white shark or megalodon.

We know that buying highly costly sharks at the beginning of the game is impossible, but you can buy these sharks with this small advice, when you are in beginner’s stage, then don’t waste your money to upgrading the other abilities of the normal sharks like bite power, speed, and boost.

When you have enough money then buy more powerful sharks.

Win gold rush chances, because when you win a gold rush chance for few seconds, in these seconds if you can eat any creature it will give you double, triple and more multiplier cost of gold

You can earn points by exploring the marine worlds. There are 15 sunken items are hidden in the deep ocean, if you can find them, you can earn more points and these points also important to unlocking new sharks.

Complete missions and earn various rewards. There are many mission in the game like find shells or find this item like that, you can complete this small mission and get a chance to win amazing reward. Each shark has its different type of mission. All mission depends on the abilities of the shark.

We think this is the whole information of the hungry shark evolution game. Remember that your money is important to you then don’t waste it on other style stuff.

We hope that this article is helpful for you in the game. Stay tuned for the hungry shark evolution.

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